Title studio camera toggle "world" view

Hi All

in Title Studio, in the composite window at the top of the page you have “camera toggle view”(camera shape icon), with several options. bottom one (World view) in world view you can zoom in and out and with the hand tool selected and passing the ctrl key passed you can rotate your composition about.


" is there a way to reset to the normal default center position? "

or for that matter, are there any other controls uses at all, other than the mouse’s simple spin it or zoom it in & out. it would be useful to have some more controls other then the simple zoom and rotate functions. adding in shortcut keyboard functions to move it to centered front or back view, centered left or right side view, and centered top or bottom view would be extremely helpfully.

spinning the scene back into place with the mouse is very time consuming or in the setting window are is a bit of pain. there should be a quicker way and with shortcut keys would do the job.

Thanks for Listening( ok reading.)