Title studio camera tracking


i want to camera track a 3d text that i made with boris fx title studio.
i have the text.
Usually i just make a camera track point under animation → track camera then add a solid on one of the given points and after that click alt + drag and drop it on the solid.
but how can i do the same with the black solid that i used title studio on?
it cant be dragged with alt + drag and drop on the camera tracking solid.
there is no mocha option in title studio screen.
should i use mocha in anyway for that purpose

when i apply title studio direct on the solid, error “…that use cameras and light can only be used on 2d layers”
when switching 3d off, no text comes when applying title studio

i want the text fixated on a given point in a video file.
was able to track points with 3d camera tracker, but not able to make title studio work on this so to speak
no mocha option in title studio effects window

do you have tutorial on your homepage for that?
because i couldnt find one.
should i use bcc motion tracker on this?
there must be a way to do it
edit: there is no bcc motion tracker in after effects
tried to mark use comp lights, built inlights and comp camera
but nothing changed

I have a project that I can share with you that demonstrates the correct approach. I’ll send it along shortly.



thanks alot man


Here’s a link to an AE that I created a while back to illustrate how to use the 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects to drive the position of BCC Extruded Text :


Dont works for me.

  1. imported video clip, used 3d camera tracker, analyzed, made 3d tracker camera (tried with 3d and 2d option, but with 2d option there isnt even an option to make a solid when i right clicked on of the points, there is just an option to delete that point)
  2. made copy of original video, applied primatte key, option rectangle and clean fg (dont know if this is even necessary),
  3. made a red mask, placed it under the video copy and used reversed alpha mask of video copy option,
    applied title studio and made marks at use comp camera lights transformations.

but there isnt even an title shown
cant make it fixed at some position, when camera moves.
i use newest version of after effects AE2019

So you’re not seeing this result then? If that’s the case it would be very odd. Are you using the most recent version of After Effects? I’ve included a screenshot from one of my systems where I have the project open.

I see the 3d title of course.
But I’m not able to replicate the result in my own projects
Might be because im a newbie.
But i tried the things i wrote.

Ahhh … I get it now. I’ll write up the steps so that anyone can replicate the result - maybe create a screen cap detailing the process.

nice one. youre my man :smiley:

Here’s a link to a screen cap that I just created to show you how to achieve this result :


I clipped out the bit where the AE camera tracker took a few minutes to complete the tracking process. Works like a charm though.

The steps are :

• use AE camera tracker to pull the tracking

• clean up the tracking points

• press the create camera button in the 3d camera tracker UI

• add a new solid layer

• apply title studio to the new solid

• enable the use comp camera and use transformations checkboxes

• use the transformations to set the position of the text

• add a track matte for any foreground objects that you want to appear on front of the text



Is there a way to send tracking to Premiere Pro?

Overall, I’m trying to track 3D text in a dirt lot as the drone arcs around the lot. In the attached sample, I’d like to have the text turned up on the y-axis. Then there are other clips where the text would sit on top of a building as the drone arcs around the building.

The client is going to have changes, so doing a “Replace with AE Composition” makes the workflow a pain. I’m trying to figure out a way to use BCC and track in Premiere so I could edit the background video clips as necessary.

Hi Andrew,

Although you can use the BCC MatchMove filter in Premiere Pro to achieve that result with flat text, I’m not sure if the same method would work in Premiere which does not have a 3D environment and would therefore cause the extruded text to become flattened as the camera moves around the scene. I’ll investigate to see if there’s a PP workflow that we can recommend but for now your best bet is to continue this work in AE.

An option to avoid the replace with AE composition is to do the work in AE, then render out a clip and use that in PP instead of the live AE Comp. You can always return to AE for edits and just re-render and replace the clip in PP. Just a thought.


Hi Peter, Thanks for the tips and reply.