Title Studio - Cast shadow remains when I change Text Opacity

I’m trying to have my text fade in from 0 to 100 % opacity, which works fine, but the floor cast shadow from my text remains 100% visible the whole time except if I turn the Floor Plane off.

How can I have the floor cast shadow fade in with the text?

Thanks for your help!!

Well if you control the opacity at the top Container level it will affect everything in the Container - that would be my suggested approach.

Hi Peter, but if I put the floor into the same container, the floor opacity changes from 0% to 100% with my keyframes, and I want to keep the floor visible at 100%. How would I get just the Floor shadow to be in the same container as the text, but keep the floor from changing opacity? Thanks.

You can use multiple containers - one for the floor, one fo the text and shadow, then animate the opacity on the container with the text and shadow.

I’ve put the Text in one container and the Floor in another container, but if I change the opacity of the Text Container, I still see the shadow on the Floor in the Floor Container. I’m still having the same problem.

So put the title and the floor w/shadow in one container - you’re going to keyframe the opacity in this container. In a separate container, placed beneath the container with the title and the shadow, you’ll have a copy of just the floor. As the opacity of the top container reaches zero, only the floor will remain visible.

Does that make sense?

Ah ok i see now. So on the copy I also had to uncheck the material attributes–>‘receive shadows’ box and now when I adjust the opacity on the upper container with containing Text and Floor WITH shadows, it looks like a seamless blend onto the blank floor. Thank you!! I wish there was a way to do it with a single floor, but this still does the job. I guess it’s just a limitation. Thanks again.