Title Studio constantly hanging after latest update

I’ve been working in Title Studio to create a sports logo animation. So far it’s really not much… just some text with an extrusion, and a simple logo with a textured fill and bevel. It was fine before the update, but now it hangs as soon as I want to add some keyframes. It’s gotten to the point that I’m thinking about not using TS anymore. Anyone else getting slow downs?
Oh, and as a bonus, after I’ve added keyframes and am happy with the animation (a simple straight slide on the Y), I click Duplicate Track… and ALL of my keyframes disappear along with my animation!
BTW, my host is Resolve 18 (just thought I’d mention it though TS is its own program)

Hi Bruce,

Sounds like Title Studio is behaving in an unexpected way alright. The first thing that I would recommend is to uninstall Continuum from your system and then reinstall it, using the latest installer that we have up on our website, to see if solves the problem.

I’ll reach out to you directly to see if you can perhaps share with me your project so that I can review it on my system to see if I can reproduce the issue on my end.