Title Studio, Curl feature, Curl Type options incorrect (maybe)

If you select Shaders/Deformers/Curl, there is a drop-down list labelled Curl Type. With it set to 3D, the curl appears flat. If you set it to Flat, the curl appears to be 3D.
Can anyone confirm this, or am I not understanding it correctly?

@Jack_S Hi, yeah lots of options that i can’t explain but try the Direction options & it’s a bit opposite with ‘Guess’ between Flat text & Extruded text :man_shrugging::joy:

@Gid.Joiner Yes, with extruded text, it works as it should. Curl type 3D maintains the extrusion, whereas Flat doesn’t.

Direction - Guess 2 does it correctly, don’t know why it’s the other way around to extruded :man_shrugging: