Title Studio - Custom Bevels & Side Profiles

Does anyone know about custom bevels and side profiles? I’m trying to get to grips with this subject and have hit a brick wall.
I can select one of the extrusion styles for my text and can open up the custom bevel or custom side profile by clicking on the relevant spline object entry. This shows a spline object in the composite window that corresponds to the bevel (or side profile) applied to the extrusion. I can then manipulate the spline to get my custom contour. So far, so good.
However, if I create a new extruded text object, using the Add New Media option, then go to the Extrusion tab and select, say Bevel Type = Custom, a Custom Bevel track entry is created, but no Spline Object track underneath. Because there is no Spline Object entry, it doesn’t show on the display, so I can’t manipulate it. Does anyone know if I’m doing this wrong or not?
Thanks in advance.


Don’t worry. I’ve found out how to do it.

Sorry that we weren’t quick enough to get back to you on that but most of us were off during the holiday break. Glad you figured it out.