Title Studio dark image inputs

New user migrating from BorisFx Red to Title Studio. One item I noted on creating a new media image. That my PSD files show up darker in the composite window than in other image applications. I assume I am doing something wrong. As I stumbled through this, I found that setting the ambient light on and set to 50%, the image lightens… (Before I found this, the ambient light was off and set to 5%) Is this the expected behavior or approach. The same behavior in the standalone and in the Adobe plug in.

my particular effect is s scaled down HD Pip that expand to full screen. I use this effect immediately before a long clip of the same image. In Red this worked smooth–no obvious image change when the cursor crossed over to the clip that has no FX applied. I arrived at 50% ambient lighting by trail and error to find the least obvious image shift. Thank you in advance

Hi there!

Nice job in finding a way to make that work for you!

So instead of setting the light up that way, one thing you might try is to set the default point light to be in the center of the scene so if you’re in a 1920x1080 project, set light x to 960 and light y to 540. Then set the value for the distance parameter of the light to 3000, which pushes it back near the camera backplane. This will cause the light to illuminate the entire scene evenly without any hot spots. You can leave the ambient light setting at it’s default value of 5.

I hope this helps!


Thank you for your input. I’ll try that. However, my method and your method seem like workarounds. Why are the images dark when imported. They are not dark in Red.

Well in Boris RED, you can import an image and work with it without having to nest it in a Container and without having to use any lights - this is because it was designed as a 2.5D compositing solution, similar to After Effects. Title Studio doesn’t work that way, it requires that all tracks are nested in a Scene Container because it was designed as a full 3D title animation solution and in Title Studio 3D world if you don’t have a light present then everything is black. That’s the first part of it. Then there’s the fact that the scene lights in RED were set up to be centered in the scene so illumination is even, when used. The lights in Title Studio were designed to illuminate 3D text and so were placed off of center by default and closer to the expected text object to provide some modelling illumination for the 3D text object.

Super-helpful background, and timely information about the default light position in Title Studio as it will help me with my current project … thank you!

You’re most welcome! I’m glad that helped.

Your suggestion about using the point light worked well. Thank You. Thank you as well about the explanation regarding Red vs Title Studio. I now understand. As I mentioned in my first post. I assumed I was doing something wrong.

I’m glad that helped!