Title Studio display error


i was playing about making quick titles for a few different Helicopter flights and i noticed this"T" error

the T’s are lacking the Extrusions while everything else has it

and when importing a 3d image anyway, resets the text display

anyway to stop that from happening or is this just a workflow thing?



Hi Drew,

It seems to me as though Title Studio cannot access enough memory to render correctly - I can’t otherwise explain why you’re getting these results.

Can you share with me a TS project that I can review on my systems to see if I can better understand what’s going on? Also, please share with me the specs of the system that you are using.



Hi Peter

sure thing
TS error in extrusion.zip (3.2 KB)

here you go

Hey Drew,

Thanks for passing along that settings file - I opened it on my Mac and the result is what I would expect, which is no issues with the extrusions. I opened this up on a MacBook Pro with an AMD Radeon 2Gb video card running Big Sur. What OS and video card is on your system? That might yield a clue. And also curious whether enabling back bevels might help at all with the extrusion on the letter t? On my system, the font is not the same as the one you’re using and that might also be a clue as to the extrusion issue on the letter t in your shot. Can you try changing the font to something like Helvetica to see if that makes a difference?


Hi I had to try this,

Windows 10 pro
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 3.5GHz 32 Core

And I’m so glad that you gave that a shot. The main difference between our systems is of course the OS and it seems as though Win OS is having some trouble with that letter T extrusion. Can you try changing the font to see if it’s related to that font face?


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I couldn’t find this on my pc & the closest i could find in a quick search on the site i use was these 3
BTW my system/TS doesn’t like this project, TS is very jumpy & laggy,
I tried a few other different ones, to my eye any that had the letters that crossed over lost the infill/extrusion like in the OP.

This is Helvetia/Helvetica


my Puters are
Dell Optiplex 7010 i7 with 32g, and an Optiplex 790 i5 16g
video cards are Zotac GTX 1650 4g and Zotac Gt 710 2g
the title looks the same on both computers

umm " back bevels " how or where would i check? i am still really new with the Title Stubio, only been doing some playing with it (i needed a few titles) and watching Jack_S “Veteran Video Editor” Title Studio tutorials videos on Youtube. I am learning several other pieces of software right now and titles are on the bottom of the learning list.

strangely enough i dont even have Helvetica, for that matter, i have no fonts starting with an H.
Umm, is that Normal for Title Studio?

@Alpine Hi, spoke i think to Peter last yr, yr before :man_shrugging: & I think TS only loads Truetype fonts, some on your system might Opentype fonts, so they won’t show. the ones i added above were/are Truetype fonts


OH, hopefully that add them.

i have a few fonts in the fonts list that only show Squares or blank lines instead of letters.
the squares do nothing, the blank spots, if you click on them will show a different fonts on the screen.

do you have this too?

oh seems i lied, the square fonts do change the fonts too, just wasnt a lot of change in the fonts style i picked

I have a few obscure ones :upside_down_face:
If you search Fonts in Settings it’ll show all, you should be able to match them, & if you click on one it’ll show properties, if i’m right only the ones with TTF at the end show in TS

I use this site, it’s free, https://www.1001freefonts.com/curved-square.font
download the text zip folder, extract all, then drag the TTF into the box at the top in System, you can delete everything after you downloaded you’ve done that inc the TTF file. it’ll be on the system still.
I had to delete the folder by using the folder icon with a minus sign, then create a new folder, that then reloads the fonts from the system


ya, i just downloaded them from there. :slight_smile:
after a search of my system, it found a Helvetica fonts connected to a VCarve Pro.

ok found the font on my system, i will looking into which are not showing up correctly and make myself a list.

i will have to look again, i thought i saw another error that dealt with the center of a (o) or and (a) being blacked out, but that could be just a lighting issue. like i said, i am newbie with Title Stubio :-). lol the T, i knew it wasnt right

Just FYI

it turns off the Helvetica Font/s doesnt come with windows to start with, go figure

Extrusions use the font spline outlines. Depending on the font and exact way the characters are drawn (esp. when character outlines cross over themselves), it’s possible that certain extrusions are occluded. Is this some custom font?


Not as far as i know, i added only a couple fonts and it not one of those i added, so unless it came in with another piece of software, it should be one of the windows default fonts.

umm is there a way to check?

Unfortunately, I know of no way to know of font drawing/extrusion issues without seeing them in action. If you send me a project, I would be happy to take a quick look to see if I have any other suggestions. Email a project demonstrating the issue (and maybe a screen shot) to garmon@borisfx.com

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Roger That,
Thank you

Hi Drew. Thanks for the mention :wink: