Title Studio does not open to same size window

Continuum 2020.5 Title Studio, Vegas Pro 18.0, Windows 10 64 Pro

I’m having two problems with Title Studio:

  1. I’m using two monitors side-by-side as a continuous desktop and like to run both my Vegas an Title Studio 3840 x 1080. When I apply my Title Studio and return to Vegas, the next time I Launch UI Window into Title Studio, it opens to one monitor and I have to stretch it back out to the full width of both screens - every time. Funny thing is, it will come up on one screen one time and on the other another time. Continuum 2020 and Vegas 17 did not exhibit this behavior.

  2. Title Studio does not remember its project file name from one session to the next. If I save as, apply, then return and make some changes, the save, it forgets the project file name. I had the same behavior with 2020 as well.

Hi Kenton,

Thanks for letting us know about these issues - we should be able to reproduce the issues as described in our labs and should then be able to institute a fix for both of the problems that you have listed here. I’ll ask our QA team to work on that today.