Title Studio doesn't have transparency in Premiere Pro Program window


The BCC MultiTone Mix effects work as expected in Premiere Pro 2019.
The simply add to the current video.

However, when I add BCC Title Studio to a video, then Title Studio fills the Program window.
There is no transparency in the Title.
When I click “FX BROWSER” to bring up Continuum 2019, I can choose “Composite over Background”. This works fine.

However, back in Premiere Pro, I don’t have that option.
How could I make it so that my video becomes visible again as in Continuum?

I have clicked H.U.D. already, but that didn’t change anything.

Thank you for the help!

Title Studio does not currently have a native option to composite over the source video on the SAME track. It is assumed that Title Studio will be applied to a track above the background video in Premiere. The easiest solution is to duplicate the track and apply Title Studio to the upper track. It is possible from inside the Title Studio UI to access the track as a texture and achieve the same result, but applying to a track above is generally simpler. Adding more compositing controls to this filter is something we plan to do in a future update.

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