Title Studio -- Easiest way to change text mid-template?

QUESTION on how the best way might be to accomplish this…

I’m using Title Studio, template: 1 Line Lowerthird Linedivider

Mid-way through, I’d like to change the text on the bottom line to read something different. I don’t see a way to keyframe the text itself. Considered duplicating the text track in my NLE (Vegas) (changing to the 2nd text on the copy) and having it switch to the 2nd copy at the halfway mark via opacity envelopes… probably will work, but figure there must be a way to do this easily in Title Studio, no? Even better than just cutting to the new text on 2nd line would be to have a transition of sorts…

Thoughts on best way to accomplish this? I’d appreciate and welcome any tips. !
:slight_smile: Rob

What I’d do is to enter two separate text items within a container in the bottom line in Title Studio, then place your first text in one and your second text in the other. Set the initial opacity of #1 to 100% and #2 to 0% with Hold transition on both. Then, at the point where you want the text to change, reverse the two opacities, again, with Hold transition to the end. You’d probably want to fade out #1, wait for a short interval, then fade in #2, or some such.

Oh wow… didn’t know I could easily create subcontainers within the existing text tracks and opacity keyframes. I’ll play with that… as I wrote, that’s exactly how I implemented a solution using my NLE (duplicate copy of the Title Studio clip, different text, changing opacity at the change-point). Doing it within Title Studio would definitely be more elegant!