Title Studio Effects / Templates Source?

Adobe templates / effects abound but, other than the templates included in the CC11 install, I have been unable to find anything similar for the OFX/Davinci platform.

Is that because of the inability to import or add these or am I simply looking and not finding these resources, free or paid?

Seems like this should be something non-Adobe users would like to have and be willing to pay for if it’s not there.

Look forward to any help/answers or ideas.


So if I read this correctly, and please correct me if I have misunderstood your request, I believe you’re asking for Title Studio preset templates to use from within OFX hosts, specifically Davinci Resolve. What I can tell you is that the preset templates that were included in the BCC AE product for use in After Effects and Premiere Pro are also included in the BCC AVX and BCC OFX products, which means that you should see the same preset templates in Title Studio regardless of the host.

Thanks Peter,

I got my answer, was able to add my custom presets back into the newly installed BCC 11.

Thank you for the help.

I think we can call this ticket “closed.”