Title Studio: Engraved / carved text?

Hello all

I would like to create carved / embedded text with Title Studio (2020.5. If possible, the text should look like it was carved or embedded into the material.

The opposite effect (text extrusion) is no problem, but I want the text to look like itw as carved or engraved on the material (stone and metal)

So far I have been experimenting with the various tools that are available, but no luck.

Does anybody have an idea how I could get that effect ?

Thanks in advance


If you share with us an image example of the result you have in mind we’ll try to create the look in Title Studio and send you a project to work with.


Hello Peter

Thanks for the reply.

Here are a few images of what I have in mind…Stone 1 stone 2 Stone 3 Stone 5

and this is my in-progress unfinished demo project where I was able to achieve the opposite…

I am using the latest version of Continuum and Vegas 17

hope this helps

Hi Peter,

I’ve attached two files - both are Title Studio projects. One offers a 2D solution and one a 3D solution to the look that you’re trying to achieve. To achieve the results that I have here, you need to convert the title into splines, then combine the spline contours to generate the carved out look. Then for the 2D look I kept the Container in 2D mode and added a drop shadow. For the 3D look, I set the Container to 3D, then extruded the combined shape and added some bevelling to catch the highlights.

So …

(1) create a text object and set the text the way you want it to look
(2) convert the text object to a spline object
(3) add a new rectangular spline that covers the entire canvas
(4) using the hollow rectangle tool, select the rectangle shape, then shift+select each of the letters until all the letters and the text are selected
(5) go to Tools>Path>Combine Contours (this action creates the compound path that you need to generate the reversed text carved out of the background
(6) select the track and add a drop shadow
(7) optionally extrude the shape and modify the bevel, extrusion etc

To generate the stone look, you just need to apply the stone texture of your choice - you can use the factory installed materials as a good start and tweak the look or build your own. I have not applied any textures in the examples that I sent but if you would like me to do that just say the word and I’ll generate that look for you.

Please let me know if either of these approaches are helpful.


carvedOutTextFiles.zip (7.0 KB)

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