Title Studio Fade runs extremely slow


I have a 4 second title project where one text layer has animated position keyframes to slide the text in from off-screen, and then a second text layer in a title container which has a 6 frame Fade (in) Animation, but for some reason this transition slows the timeline down to a snail’s pace. Alternatively I tried creating the fade-in without a title container and just applied keyframes to the text opacity, but the super slow playback still happens at the fade-in. Any suggestions to address is much appreciated. Thanks!

This might be related to available graphics memory on your system. At 4k UHD you’re pushing a lot of pixels on and off of the graphics card. If you would like to send along a project we would be happy to take a look at it.


Hi Peter,
File is attached from the below post, and the file has both the animation problem and white shadow problem. Thanks for looking into it!!