Title Studio - Grid and Line Spline Primitives

Can anyone out there get the Grid or Line Spline Primitives to appear in the Composite window? I’ve followed the documentation but still can’t get results. The documentation also states that the Fill parameters have no effect on a Grid or Line Spline Primitive, but (certainly in 2021.5) I’ve found this not to be true. For instance, with Grid selected, checking the ‘Fill On’ checkbox fills the display with the selected colour. I’m reluctant to flag this up as a bug in case I’m doing something wrong.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Jack,

For both the Grid and Line shapes you should disable the Fill and enable the Border. Set the Border color to something other than black (default color) if you are generating over a black background with nothing else in the comp or you might not be able to see the result.


Thanks Peter. That did it. I was confused because the documentation states that selecting Grid or Line Spline Primitives causes the Fill parameters to have no effect.
Thanks for coming back so quickly.

You’re most welcome, Jack!