Title Studio - how to create arched text

I would like to keep the line of text straight but create an arch at the bottom. I believe the alternative in photoshop is called arc lower warp.

Is it possible in Title Studio?

The bend taper and twist deformer is close but doesn’t quite give the result I’m after.

Have you tried putting the text on an arc shaped path in Title Studio? Here’s a TS project that you can use to get an idea of the result you may be able to produce via that method - not as easy or an exact match to the look that you can achieve in Adobe but it might be worth consideration. Or you could generate the arched text in Illustrator, then import that vector file into TS to combine with other elements in your timeline and animate, extrude it etc. path text example.blu.zip (1.5 KB)

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Hi @PeterMcAuley

Thank you for the example project. Not exactly what I was looking for but your advice is much appreciated. At least I know I am not missing anything and the exact look is not possible in Title Studio alone.