Title Studio - How to get FX Browser to recognise my 2nd monitor

Does anyone know how to get FX Browser to recognise my 2nd monitor?
I’ve clicked on the monitor icon at the top right of the UI but get the message ‘None Detected’.
See attached image.

FX Browser monitor


That monitor icon is for the client monitor, not a computer screen. If you had an aja card with an external monitor connected to it, you would be able to push the Title Studio output to this monitor via the settings that would be displayed when clicking on the monitor icon.

The FX Browser should simply work on your second computer display - you should be able to drag the Browser over onto that screen.


Hi Peter. Thanks for responding. I mistakenly thought that I could view the preview window on my second monitor and leave the UI on the primary monitor. That’s OK, I needed to get this correct for my tutorial. Thanks again.