Title Studio - Imported EPS .. changes?

I’m importing an EPS (.AI actually) into Title Studio, and setting the texture fill to use the same exact .AI (also tried using a PNG image fill)… and parts of my image appear to be shaped different than the actual source files??

I know this sounds strange… but I opened the source .AI in Illustrator and it looks proper. And I opened the PNG in an external viewer and it also looks proper… just in Title Studio things look… off? Here’s some images for example.

  1. OUTLINES in Illustrator. Note the shape of the mouth

  2. Same image in Illustrator, not outlined.

  3. How it displays in Title Studio. Note the shape of the mouth is different! (yes, I have a bit of extrusion on, ignore that part… it’s the shape change I’m noting.

What’s going on?

Hello! That is an interesting discrepancy. Would you be able to send me a copy of the EPS file? I’d be happy to take a look and see if I can determine what’s going on.


How does it look if you drop the bevel value to zero? Does that bring back the expected shape?