Title Studio - Inconsistent Animate toggle button function

There appears to be a problem with the ‘Animate/Static Toggle’ button functionality. There are times when in Animate mode, keyframes aren’t automatically generated. In Static mode, there are times when keyframes are generated automatically. I can reproduce this issue faithfully and have attached a screen video showing the problem.
I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. The issue is reproducible in both plugin and standalone mode.
Can someone verufy my findings please?

Hey Jack,

So, the good news is that there is nothing at all wrong with the software.

The problem is that the position transform parameters, when moved while in static mode, are automatically set to create a “Constant” keyframe for the position of the object. Switching to automatic mode will not override this Constant keyframe so the object will remain static at its last position.

So solve this issue, you need to change the Constant keyframe to something that accounts for time - basically anything other than Constant or None.

And I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having the control panel window visible whenever you’re trying to animate an object - it’s one of the ways in which you can see parameter values as you make a change to an object.

So, go to the Control Panel, set the position keyframes to something other than Constant, enable autokey mode and you should be good to go.


Hi Peter, thanks for getting back to me on this one. I’ve got to say though, I’m even more confused. You say that everything in my video is expected behaviour. But, at timestamps 2m06s and 2m36s you can clearly see that, in static mode, keyframes are generated automatically and the relevant interpolation modes are set to linear. According to the documentation, this shouldn’t happen. ‘The Animate button toggles between Static and the default interpolation. Static interpolation makes parameter adjustments that remain static and do not create keyframes’.
My understanding was that, in Animate mode, any adjustment made to a parameter pertaining to the selected track, would result in a keyframe being generated automatically on that track, at the CTI, and that parameter’s interpolation mode would change automatically from None to Linear.
You can see at various points in my video, that this doesn’t happen. It’s so inconsistent, that I’ll be advising, in my next tutorial, that the most reliable way to create keyframes is for the toggle to remain in the Static mode. Unless, of course, you can explain the inconsistencies that occur in the video.

Hey Jack,

Well once a parameter has a keyframe that is not set to constant, then the Animate/Static mode is irrelevant. Animate/Static mode is relevant when working with parameters that have not yet been animated. That’s why everything that you’re showing in the video is indeed correct.

I hope that makes sense.


Hi Peter. If I’m understanding you correctly, once a particular parameter has had animation enabled by selecting any interpolation mode other than None or Constant, the Animate/Static mode has no effect. If I move a different parameter, one that hasn’t had animation enabled, then the toggle mode does have an effect. Also, because animation mode is enabled, any movement of that parameter, despite the toggle mode, will automatically create a keyframe for that parameter at the CTI. I’ll have to do some more runs to try and get my brain around it.
Boy, that’s going to take some explaining.

Peter, I’ve discovered why I was confused about this issue.
With the ‘Animate/Static Toggle’ in Animate mode, adjusting a parameter automatically creates a keyframe and changes the interpolation mode for that keyframe from None to Linear.
That’s expected behaviour.
You can then move the CTI to another position and the interpolation mode changes to None.
Adjusting the parameter value creates another keyframe and changes the interpolation mode for that keyframe from None to Linear. Again expected behaviour.
You can repeat that sequence ‘until you’re blue in the face’ and get the same results.
However, if at any time, you use the ‘Next Keyframe’ or the ‘Previous Keyframe’ button
to move to a specific keyframe, that keyframe turns red and the interpolation mode locks in Linear mode.
If you now move the CTI to a place without a keyframe, then adjust the parameter value, a keyframe will not be generated because the interpolation mode is stuck in Linear mode.
I can reproduce this faithfully and have attached a video showing the sequence of events.
I can’t believe that this is expected behaviour.