Title Studio - Inconsistent lighting for spline primitive

I’ve noticed an odd inconsistency with the lighting when creating a spline primitive.
If you create one with any of the following methods:-
Track/New Media/Spline Primitive, click Add New Media icon then Spline Primitive in the Timeline Controls section or right-click in the Timeline window and select New Media/Spline Primitive,
lighting is enabled. That is, the light position for the Scene entry shows in the Composite display.
However, if you create the Spline Primitive with the keyboard shortcut sequence Ctrl+Alt+A, the lighting doesn’t show.
Furthermore, if you create a Spline Primitive with the keyboard shortcut (result no lighting), then create one using one of the other methods (result lighting), then switch back to the first entry, this now has lighting.
Not a major issue, as it’s easy to workaround.

Hey Jack,

Thanks for letting us know about this - I’ll ask QA to repro and if they can then we will try to fix the underlying issue.


Thanks Peter. For me it’s no big issue as the workaround is very simple.

Hello, I have been able to reproduce this issue on our system. It appears that when the primitive is created via the hotkey, the texture shader is defaulted to Flat Texture. This is incorrect and I have added it to our database for engineering to review. If you use the hotkey to create the primitive, you can select the texture track and change the texture from Flat Texture to Texture. This will allow it to react with the scene lighting.


Hi Vin. Thanks for responding and thanks for the workaround. I was confused because I couldn’t see any differences in the parameters for either case. I now see that it was because I hadn’t toggled Material Track visibility which shows the differences in the Material Attributes/Type setting.