Title Studio iPad Screen Insert into OBJ

I need to put some video chat and website footage into a 3D iPad. I’m pretty comfortable working in AE 3D space with lights and cameras, but I have very little experience with Title Studio. My idea was to prerender everything that needs to go into the iPad, then do the composite (QT movie and an OBJ) in Title Studio, then do all the lighting and camera moves back in AE. Is that the best way to do it? There isn’t a way to do the composite in AE is there?

This is a new workflow for me. I know a lot of people use Element 3D for this type of thing, but I already own Title Studio and it seems like I should be able to do it in there. Links to any tutorials or anything that can get me up to speed would be great.

You can totally do this in After Effects. You’ll need to convert the obj file to a c4d file in the copy of Cinema4D that came with AE. Then import that via the cineware plugin. I will often create a c4d file inside AE, then choose edit source to open that in c4d so that my file is already imported into AE. You could then import the obj into that open c4d file.

If you want something else in Title Studio to interact with it, and you’ve never used Cinema4D you might consider importing it there. I think the title studio route would be slower, but these are optionsI have not yet really compared.