Title Studio Issue .. Need 1 Minute of HELP!

Hi Guys,

I hope someone can help because I’ve been tearing my hair out for hours trying to solve this issue. I’m a complete beginner and doing my best, however there’s one TINY issue that I just can work out how to solve … so here we go:

(a) I’m using the latest version of BORIS FX BCC Title Studio in the latest version of Adobe Premier Pro
(b) I’m in the process of customizing one of the Lower Third presets - "Kinetic Blue’
(c) I’ve been able to change fonts attributes - text size / spacing and colors
(d) I’ve been able to change the color of the UPPER BOX which is blue in the original preset
(d) My ONLY challenge is how to change the color of the LOWER BOX

The LOWER GREY box is grey (approx. 10%) and I would like it to be LIGHTER to match the color of the text in the UPPER BOX and / or make the text more legible


IF I could make the LOWER BOX a lighter grey … say RGB #F2F2F2 or 242, 242, 242

It doesn’t need to be solid white as this wouldn’t look any good

I’m sure that it’s something VERY simple for an expert, however I’m not a graphic designer and doing my best to create some videos with animated titles.

PS: The FILL color for the LOWER BOX is set to WHITE … however (and I 'm confused) the black background is bleeding through … so its NOT white but a mixture of the black background and the fill color / frustrating!!!

I’ve attached a screenshot and would greatly appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance!


Screenshot 2022-09-21 145523

Hi, I’m not sure where the prob is, I just changed the colour & there’s no bleed through,
Can you share full screen shots like these, (This is AE not PP but Title Studio works the same)

Default grey

changed colour to pink

back in AE

I’ve made the window a bit smaller & changed the colour to 242

I had to enlarge your picture but i see ne bleed through?

Hi Gid

Yes … you are 100% correct

I can also easily change the colors like you have, however as you have also now noticed BLACK levels bleed through

If I change to yellow / black bleeds through

If I change to white / / black bleeds through

It’s this bleeding issue that confusing me EVEN though opacity is set to 100%

If I change opacity to 50% … then even more black bleeds through

Your thoughts?



It’s got me stumped

I think i see what you mean,
I changed it to the pale yellow, but it’s not the same on screen

Try playing with the lights
I changed Distance in this pic

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BIG Thanks! … I would never have thought of that solution with my limited knowledge of one (1) week using Premier Pro / Boris FX Title Studio Effects

This seems to solve my issue

Screenshot 2022-09-21 145523

Final solution / perfect position of light source /
Screenshot 2022-09-21 225502
XYZ axis

Thanks again / REALLY appreciate your help / I am also interested in woodworking / joinery & fine furniture / I’m in the process of building a dedicated workshop

Hi, yeah bit mind boggling, TS works in a 3D space,
Right click the top of the tree & make - Scene 3D Render
Top of the Screen - Toggle Split Views - Dual Horizontal
Next to that button - Toggle Camera Views - World
You should end up with a screen like this,
If you click on the left preview screen & have Scene 3D selected at the top of the tree, you should be able to move the light around & see how it affects the text

, you can try rotating/turning the text & repositioning in the Z dimension…

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