Title Studio - Letter tumble and Spin

Why can’t I get letters to tumble or spin correctly, even in a 3d rendered scene. They don’t tumble or spin, they just flatten. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Would anyone from Boris like to comment?
I wanted to make a ‘Universal Studios’ type title, but because letters won’t tumble correctly so that I could use the Path effect, I’ve had to resort to using the Curl effect. Much more difficult to create.

Hi, so are you saying you can’t do this?

@Gid.Joiner Thanks for responding. Yes, I can do that, but that’s tumbling the shape. I need to be able to tumble the letters. Try this:-
Create a text string, select the texture track, select Path, make path (a circle).
Text follows the circle, right. Try to tumble the letters 90 degrees. They don’t tumble, they just go flat.

:+1: Got to be honest i’ve only used the Path a couple of times, so it took me a moment & i’m not sure what it’s supposed to do that yours doesn’t

@Gid.Joiner Yes, what you’re doing there is tumbling the shape. To get the effect I want, I need to tumble the letters. This is what I created using the Curl de-former. It does the job, but it’s complicated and time consuming.

If I could tumble the letters, I could create the same very easily, using the Path effect, This is what happens when I tumble the letters after applying them to a path.

Thanks for your input. It looks as if BorisFX hasn’t got an answer for this one, judging by their silence.