Title studio matte or alpha material

Hello all,

Just getting started with Title Studio and wondered if there was a cutout material. I want to create a shape and make a text layer punch a hole in it, is this possible?

Thanks for any help?

Hi There. Yep, that’s totally possible in Title Studio although you’ll have to go through a few steps to make that happen. I’ve attached a .blu project file which you can open up in Title Studio. In the project, you can see that I’ve created a text element and used that as a cutout for an oval shape. I’ll write up the steps for you but in the meantime you can play around with the project. Cheers, Peter.

text punch through.blu.zip (1.9 KB)

(1) create a flat text layer
(2) generate the desired text
(3) set the layer type to spline object
(4) twirl open the timeline tracks and select the sub layer labelled “channel texture - spline track”
(5) in the toolbar, select the oval tool
(6) drag in the comp window to create an oval vector shape on the same layer
(7) select all of the shapes (control/command + a)
(8) in the tools menu, select “path-combine contours”

Brilliant, thank you.