Title Studio Not Showing All Fonts Installed

In Title Studio, I am not seeing a complete list of the fonts I have installed on my Win10 system. Is there a way to select additional fonts to show up in the dropdown list?

A very good question.

With Title Studio in BCC 2020 & 2020.5, I was using the Lavoir font (a basic W10 font) for a project. But after installing BCC 2021, Title Studio no longer recognises Lavoir and I had to change the font to another that it did display, something I really didn’t want to do because Lavoir suited the project more than its replacement.

Hey Guys,

I’m not aware of anything that we did that would have caused Title Studio to stop reading a font that it had no trouble reading in prior versions on the same system. Have you tried the standalone version of Title Studio, and if so, are you seeing a similar result there?


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@dexcon @PeterMcAuley I’ve got two stock win10 systems and looking in the system font panel, Lavoir doesn’t show up. A net search finds an opentype font which when installed, still doesn’t show up in TS but does show up in the system control panel. I wonder if TS is limiting the selection to truetype fonts.

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Have you tried the standalone version of Title Studio, and if so, are you seeing a similar result there?

I just tried the SAL - the same thing there as well.

But michaelh raised a good point, so I checked C:\Windows/Fonts and opened Lavoir - it is listed in the header as being 'OpenType Layout, PostScript OutLines". But on locating a couple of other fonts that also aren’t appearing in Title Studio, I noticed that those fonts are also listed as being PostScript Outlines. The fonts that do in appear in Title Studio are TrueType from what I sampled. So I think that michaelh has identified the cause.

Often but not always missing in the PostScript headers is the notation Digitally Signed, but the couple of PostScript fonts I came upon with Digitally Signed appearing in the header still didn’t appear in Title Studio.

So our engineers looked into this and have discovered that the font that you mention is not a TrueType (.ttf) font, and that it does not appear to contain any outlines so Title Studio cannot use it. I doubt very much that this ever worked with Title Studio but if it did sometime in the past then MS must have changed something on the system.

One of our QA techs has a potential solution though, which you can use at your own risk. The solution is to use one of the free type convertor kits to convert this font into a TrueType font that TitieStudio can actually use. Try searching for otf-ttf font convertors.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you, Peter, for checking this out and explaining the situation. I’ll now know for future reference.

Thanks so much for finding the issue here, and also supplying a potential resolution. What is the risk you mentioned. Could it make the non TTF fonts unusable after the conversion?

I’m glad we were able to discover the root cause of the problem and offer this solution. We do not believe that anything will happen if you convert the font but we cannot be certain because we have not thoroughly tested that.

The font that you want to use is a MS system font and we were concerned that the system might react negatively if we were to modify it. That said, you could always duplicate that font, convert it to TrueType and then use that converted font in Title Studio.


Thanks Peter