Title studio not working well with jpg's

Hi, Title Studio is so laggy that it’s almost impossible to use with a picture, Mp4 video is fine.,
I got an update yesterday for Continuum (version 14.53) it says when i Check for Continuum OFX Updates in the start menu, I’m not sure if it is that that’s the problem.
Windows, Vegas 19 & GPU driver is up to date,
I’ve tried TS in the event fx & track fx, no different,
The jpg pic size is the same as the project properties,
all i’m trying to do is draw a spline border around this board, no Fill, there is no other fx or events on the timeline

& on a similar but not new prob, why are the splines hard to adjust, sometimes finding the little black sq can be hard without zooming in? they’re not on the white sq?

& App Manager doesn’t load, it just puts up a white box but nothing on the screen.

I rendered the jpg as an mp4 & all works well :+1::+1: