Title Studio, parameters detailled description in BCC 2020

I’m looking for a full description of command and parameters, (possibilities, ranges, effects…)
I’ve been reading the all documentation about Title Studio, tuto included. I’m still looking for complete and detailled information,
You will find here attached a screen copy of Title Studio BCC 2020, OFX version, Resolve Studio 16.2. Is there a detailled list of these parameters ? BCC studio applyed in the edit page, no background available.
My screen interface looks different than the tuto’s ones, isn’t it ? Is there any impact on the way of studio is working ?
For instance : going into details of my request : what do means “animation time”, “overlap” in this context, same issue for the other parameters

Thanks for the return

Hi there! Have you checked the free online tutorials that we have up on our website? You can find them here : Boris FX | Videos