Title Studio - Pentagon Shape option in camera tab

I’m currently preparing a tutorial on the Scene Track entry. One thing I can’t get my brain around is the Pentagon Shape option within the Depth of Field parameters in the camera tab. The documentation states that it enables a bokeh effect on bright, out of focus points of light. I can’t for the life of me see how this can be achieved in Title Studio. Has anyone any ideas?

Hi, I don’t know if this is it
but i added a static Image file using the rainbow icon in the tree,
this is the file

then used Focal length, Aperture & Blur strength

This image i used was a snapshot of a twinkly mp4 video file that i put on the host timeline & applied TS to it, but the Camera Bokeh blur didn’t affect that orig file, so I set the preview screen in TS to black to hide that vid file, :man_shrugging::+1:

Adding some lights brightened it up

I see. Thanks for doing that. So it would seem that the Polygon Shape option is only valid when the host’s timeline has a video showing one or more light sources?
That’s valuable information for me, thanks.

Hi, no don’t think so, sorry i didn’t make that very clear, the host & the media TS is added to is irrelevant apart from a place to launch TS,
I use Vegas which doesn’t have light sources of it’s own, not that i know of, the lights i added above are in TS,

In this one i applied a blank empty event to the timeline from which to apply TS,

In TS i did the same as above, rainbow button - Add New Media - Image File, add added the TS camera blur,

Just to take the host out of the equation it works the same in TS Standalone,
Add New Media - Image File, add added the TS camera blur,

Got it. Using your image file I managed to get the Bokeh effect. Mind you, I had to increase the focal length and the Gain to maximum to achieve a satisfactory result. Thanks again for your efforts.

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