Title Studio - png alpha images won't import

I’ve been sent a series of png files that were exported from one of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. When I try to import them into Title Studio I get the error 'Unable to change to the specified media (unsupported image or movie type?). Same thing with standalone version.

They import into After Effects no problem and they open equally well using the Windows image viewer software.

Any advice on how to get these images into Title Studio?

Many thanks

Hi Simon,

Well Title Studio doesn’t actually support the import of movie media in the standalone version but in the host version you can import media from the host timeline. Title Studio can “pull up” the media from the V1 track to which the filter was applied.


Hi Peter - thanks for your reply. pngs are (I think always) static image files, no? Certainly these ones are… can I send you one to try your end?

Hi Simon,

Well technically you are correct in that the png files are indeed static images but they are all part of an image sequence, which is in essence a movie file without a wrapper, so while Title Studio can indeed import a single png it cannot import the sequence of png images. If you’re having trouble getting Title Studio to import a png file that you have, please feel free to send that to me privately (peterm@borisfx.com) and I’ll give it a shot.

Hi Peter,
I’ve just sent you a png and an eps of the same image. The eps version was importing but only in black.

I’ve imported the eps version into Photoshop, immediately re-exported it as a png without changing anything and now it does import into Title Studio. So now I’m just trying to figure out what’s different between the original png and the eps converted to png? If you have any thoughts on that…


Hi Simon,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. II’m currently out of town without access to my computers but I’ll be back in the office on Monday and upon my return will make solving the riddle behind the png image a priority.



Hello there. For what it’s worth, I had the same problem with a static png file when trying to import as an insert clip. My setup is Avid with Mocha Pro plug in.