Title studio preset problem

i want to use this cool title preset, but the text goes away when i push it to the directions where i want it both in premiere and title studio?
can these only be used in the middle and upper part?

The problem is that there is a crop being used in the preset and when you move the position of the text, the crop is not catching the transforms and therefore cropping the title. It can be worked around though - you’ll need to go into the main Title Studio GUI, then select the shader for the title, go to the crop output controls and set the value to zero with constant interpolation, just like the screenshot that I’m sending along herewith

nice. works. thanks buddy

You’re most welcome. The issue at hand is that the crop function is a post transformation process instead of a pre transform process. If it were a pre transform process then any transforms (scale, position etc) that were applied to the title would also transform the crop. I’ll bring this up again internally to see if there is something that can be done to re-pipe the process so that it happens prior to any transformations.