Title Studio - Previous/Next Keyframe keyboard shortcut?

Is there any keyboard shortcut for the very common operation: to move CTI to Previous Keyframe and Next Keyframe? I can’t find this…

Hi There,

Yes, there’s a very easy way to navigate through the keyframes in Title Studio. In the comp window / main viewer, you’ll notice that there are 4 icons that look like keys - these are used to (1) enable auto keyframing (2) navigate to the previous keyframe (3) add a new keyframe (4) navigate to the next keyframe.

You can also add markers to the timeline and navigate the markers using the JKL keys on your keyboard. And you can customize the keyboard shortcuts by going to the Edit>Shortcuts menu in Title Studio.

I hope that helps!


Thank you for quick answer but this is my problem: I can’t define shortcut because there are no entries to define Previous/Next Keyframe in Edit>Shortcuts menu… why? shortcut is faster then mouse click especially when I have dozens keyframes on the track. Is the chance to implement this basic feature?

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Good point - I’ll add this to the features database for engineering to review.

Thanks for mentioning this!