Title Studio Primitive Border is Oblong?

Inside my project I inserted a primitive shape, and selected Oval (I really wanted a circle but there is no “circle” primitive). I scaled the X-axis to make it appear round (got close-ish).

Problem I’m having is after creating a border on it, the border appears to be oblong and not round. What’s going on?

FYI – I changed the shape to be a “wedge” instead and I could get a perfect circle and the border is fine… seems the border calculations may … have a bug… not computing the same way as the shape transforms?

Hi Rob, I believe the issue with the border you’re seeing is due to the fact that the primitive itself remains an oval, even though the scale is adjusted, it’s not quite a perfect circle. I’ll double check with the dev team to see if that’s the correct behavior.

In the mean time, however, to create a perfect circle, I’d recomend the following:

  1. Create a Spline Object instead
  2. Select the Oval Tool
  3. Hold the Shift Key
  4. Click and Drag to create a perfect circle.
  5. You can then adjust the scale and the border will render correctly.

Let me know if that works better for you!

All the best,