Title Studio Problem

Before I get to the issue I would like to describe my workflow, as it might be the problem. I typically mark a segment of a track MC2021.1 and place the Title Studio icon on it. I open the program with “apply to filter only” selected. Then I delete whatever is in the composite window and start my project from scratch. I will open a 3d project and then use flat text. I create the text and is shows as it should in the timeline window and the screen, however there is no video. If I open a video track and drag it to the bottom most position, I can see the text over the video track.
The problem arises when I apply the text. In doing so, the color value of the video track is much darker. If I go back into TS, and remove the video track, the color is as it should be. Is this normal behavior, or am I doing something wrong?
Sorry for the long rant.