Title studio - reordering layers within a comp

Hello, as a veteran of Avid FX, I’ve just upgraded to Title Studio and it’s causing me some bother!

In particular, can anyone advise why it’s not possible to reorder layers within a comp? The cursor just turns into no-entry symbol (circle with diagonal line). And if I drag the layer to the bottom of the comp, the cursor briefly changes to a small box and then the layer just disappears completely. All very strange.

And one other thing, is there any way to make TS not apply lighting effects as the default?

Appreciate any help and wisdom you can provide.
Best to all

Hi Simon, Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with Title Studio. I was able to reproduce the issue you were describing. Although I’m still investigating what caused Title Studio to get into that state, I did find that restarting my system resolved the problem. I wonder if perhaps this might work to resolve your issue.
If not, we could try reinstalling the software.

Let me know.

As for the default texture type, currently the best way to do that would be to manually change the track layer’s material to Flat Texture. But I think having a preference to set this is an interesting idea, and have added it to our database as a potential feature request.

All the best,

Thank-you Vincent for the reply. Rebooting does seem to have done the trick, for now. I’d also been getting some pretty annoying runtime errors since installing Continuum so I’ve also erased the entire back catalogue of MS Visual C++ Redistributables and re-installed the lot of them. Along with updating the graphics card driver. So a bit of housekeeping.

My efforts with Title Tool will be fairly basic at present, simple image manipulations and text layers but I’ll grow in confidence no doubt. I’m a little put out at some workflow differences from the previous (admittedly old) Avid FX interface - this lighting thing being just one - the layout appears comfortingly familiar but with so many different functions to trip you up under the hood so to speak.

Again, I do appreciate the contact and I’ll see if this fix endures…
Best wishes