Title studio - templates, bsp vs blu

I’m on mac, bcc 12, avid … so far, I found out that creating my own templates I have to save it via the effect window in avid and not via the menu in GUI of Title Studio.
Otherwise I would end up with those *.blu files that seem to have no use - or do they?

When creating templates and presets you want to be creating presets in the effect window by using the save button. This will create a .bsp preset file that can be opened on any system, in any host. This is typically the preferred method when sending a project to someone who only needs the effect, but doesn’t necessarily need to work in the Title Studio UI. .bsp files will also show up in the FX Browser for easy previewing.

.Blu files are specific files that can only be opened within Title Studio. I typically use .blu files when I’m still working on a project and want to make sure that it’s saved, but its not yet completed.

.blu files cannot be loaded in the FX Browser, or as presets. They can only be opened in Title Studio.

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