Title Studio text words far apart in Vegas 18

Some Title Studio text words are appearing much farther apart in Vegas 18 than in the composite window in TS. Why is this? Please see screenshots. BCC TS VP distance diff 1|690x228


I noticed in your screenshots that the comp window is set to low resolution mode - this is controlled via the stair-stepped slope icon at the right side of the play control bar. Click on it and switch to high resolution to see if that helps. I’ve attached a screenshot to show you which button to click on. Please let me know if this solves the problem.


Thank you for your response, Peter. I will try that later when at machine tonight. In a Facebook group a member suggested:

"Try shutting down VP, disabling the secondary monitor, open VP and try to reproduce the problem. You may find it’s gone though if not, try one more thing. Set your monitor scaling to 100% and try to reproduce.

Boris have been working on hidpi and multi-monitor issues of late and the changes haven’t always gone as planned."

I did try deactivating one monitor this morning and it did resolve the the issue and it held when I reactivated monitor. I will have to see if this actually sticks when machine is rebooted. I certainly don’t want to have to keep deactivating my 2nd monitor.

I will try your suggestion as well. I hadn’t set that resolution to high as I find previews can be laggy on my older i7 but will try regardless later.