Title Studio - The Animation tab for Spline Objects

I’m trying to figure out how the parameters in a spline object’s animation tab work.
If I animate a spline object’s movement across the display, then change these parameters, the animation isn’t affected in any way.
Can anyone enlighten me?
Thanks in advance.

From the deafening silence during the past 17 days, I presume that no-one knows the answer to this one. Not even anyone from NewBlue?

Sorry, just spent an hr playing but as always, I find TS bizarre,
these controls often only work when something else is applied/changed but apart from Jitter i can’t get the Animation controls to do anything :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:
I would like to ‘like’ TS but I find creating & then trying to adjust the spline corner points impossible, I keep opening TS tho to try get the hang of it, an hr later i close it disappointed,

Hey Jack!

I’m back from vacation and would be happy to work with you on this.

The shapes in Title Studio were not really designed with point animation in mind and thus points along a spline shape cannot be subject to keyframe animation. You can animate the shape as a whole object, just as you would with other objects, but you cannot animate the individual spline points.

I hope this helps and apologies for the delayed response.


Thanks for getting back to me Peter. My problem is, I was preparing a tutorial on the Text Path function. Everything is fine until I get to the Animation tab that is displayed when the Text Path track entry is selected. I find myself unable to explain why this tab exists for the text path spline when it apparently has no function.

Sure thing Jack.

So that Animation tab … well it controls how text will appear on the user generated spline path. Here’s an example of when you might want to use this tab :

• jittering text on a path along x and y

  • basically you set the text, then control the jitter animation by setting values for jitter x/y for the jitter distance and velocity for the amount
  • if you were to set jitter Y to a value of 25 and velocity of 25 then you’ll see that the text will shift away from the path as determined by these values
  • so the takeaway here is that this tab controls how closely text will adhere to the path

I hope this helps!


Hi and thanks for giving it a go. After doing many tutorials for Title Studio, I have a handle on most things. But this one had me stumped. I’ll give it another go with Peter’s suggestions, but he’s only mentioned Jitter. There are more parameters in this tab.

Hi Peter. Thanks for that. I now know that the Velocity parameter affects the Jitter. How about the other parameters? I understand the Seed parameter, but what about the Acceleration, Overshoot and Decay parameters. What do they control? I can’t see them having any effect on the text movement. I appreciate your advice.

Yeah, Jitter is the only one i could get to do anything but the Acceleration etc. didn’t affect that jitter,
On type-on text when it comes in from one side Acceleration, Decay & Overshoot control how it travels & finally lands in it’s final place but why these controls are in the spline section & how these relate to a spline i dunno, I had the spline coming in from one side to the other thinking i could make it overshoot it’s final resting place or control it’s speed of movement, but no, no change :man_shrugging: I didn’t add text to my spline tho so i’ll have another try later,

I didn’t add text to my spline tho so i’ll have another try later,
If you notice, that tab is available for any spline, so there’s got to be a reason why it’s there.
Strange though, it’s not available for a spline primitive. Presumably because a spline primitive has no spline object track associated with the shape track. No spline object track, no Animation tab.
Maybe Peter can elaborate.