Title Studio Title Safe Guides & discrepancies

Is there a some where that tells what the all the guide lines are in TS? They don’t seem to correlate to standard guide lines such as I have in Vegas Pro or NewBlue Titler Pro. Those two (Vegas & NewBlue) seem to line up with each other but in TS I find things don’t and my text looks smaller than I expect.

Hi There,

In the TItle Studio custom UI window, select : Window>Show Grids and Guide Palette and you will find an options palette where you can control the values for title safe, grids, guides etc.

I looked but it doesn’t indicate what all the different vertical guides are but I have sorted the Action and Title Safe ones now. Curious what the 2 inner horizontal guides are.


The inner guides are center cut and action cut title safe zones for 4x3. There are some folks still have to adhere to that for some projects.


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Of course, I should have thought of that!