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My problem is, when trying to set the material preset or the extrusion type in both plug-ins, none that I try are accepted and I get a notification:- Unable to read preset. File is not a supported preset type.
Any help would be very much appreciated, I have contacted support by email and web chat without response.


Can you please provide more details:
-Exactly what steps do you take to load the material preset or extrusion type? Are you using the native pulldown menu for materials or extrusion style?
-Version of Continuum
-Host application


Hi Jason
Thank you for your reply, I can confirm that I use the native
pulldown menu.
-I am using version 2020 of Continuum which was supplied when I
purchased Vegas Pro 17
-Vegas Pro 17
-Windows 10 Professional
I have attached a number of pictures to highlight my problem
Hope you can help

Bob Simmons

Hi, Bob,

Thanks for the additional info. We were able to reproduce this in our QA lab. Definitely appears to be unexpected behavior, and we will research this and get back to you soon.


Hi, Bob,

We are researching a fix, but wanted to point out a possible workaround for you in the meantime. It appears that you can load the Extrusion Style and Material presets if you use the Load option at the top of those preset menus. This will launch a standard system file dialog. Navigate into the appropriate subfolder (eg. Extrusion Style or Material Style), and select the desired style preset. This works correctly on our systems and provides access to the same presets.


Hi once again Jason

  Thank you very much for sorting out my issue, though not ideal it

does allow me to use the plugins.

          Hopefully the problem

can be addressed fully in the future.

  May I request some more help from you please?

  I have purchased a new, more powerful computer to cope with the

requirements of Vegas & Continuum.

          However while Vegas has

installed correctly, Continuum will not
activate Boris FX Continuum Lights Unit, Boris FX
Continuum Key and Blend Unit and Boris FX Continuum 3D Objects

  The program is saying I have used the maximum number of installs

and is stopping me inputting the serial numbers I was supplied

  I cannot remove the old account/computer from the system on the

webisite because it does not show that I have any plugins.

  Can you please assist me to obtain the correct serial numbers to

activate the plugins if possible.

  Thanks once again

  Bob Simmons

Hi, Bob,

We have fixed the preset loading issue internally and it will be available in our next update, but I don’t have a date for when that will be released.

As for the licensing issue, you should be able to go back to the old computer and deactivate the Continuum license there. This should be available either through the Windows start menu, then navigating to the BCC Continuum OFX group and choosing the Deactivate option. Alternatively you could launch Vegas and deactivate from the License button in any of the running Continuum plugins. If for some reason that does not work for you then licensing issues are best handled by contacting our Support team directly. You can open a ticket here:

Or you can call Support at 1-888-77-BORIS


Hello Jason
Thanks very much for your assistance in solving my problem so
I am currently still having issues with my licensing of the plugins,
but appreciate your advice to contact the support team directly.
I will contact them and hopefully my problems will be over, thank
you once again for your help I very much appreciate it.

Best regards