Title Studio UI crashes when opening help!

Title Studio UI crashes MC when opening help !!!

Im running

boris cc 2020 13.5.1
Media Composer 2020.8.0
Mac os 10.15.6 on a Macbook pro 16inch i9, 16gb graphic

I have no idea whats going on. it used to be fine yesterday morning but for the last 20 hours iv struggled with it.

any idea what i can do to check or hopefully fix it? many thanks Matt

Hi, Matthew,

A few questions. The crash happens only when you try to launch the UI for Title Studio, correct? So you can for example load a preset from the preset menu and that works ok but you just can’t load the UI? Or does it crash even when just applying Title Studio or opening an old project?

Is this new to Media Composer 2020.8?

If the crash only happens when launching the UI, one possibility is that your prefs or workspace settings became corrupted. To test that you could try the following:

Clear Title Studio Workspace:
-Navigate to Library/Application Support/BorisFX/Workspaces_BCC
-Look for any files with recently changed timestamps - e.g. BCCTitleStudioWindowPreferences.tsws
-Set any such files with recent timestamps aside - e.g. on the desktop.
-Restart Media Composer and retest

Clear Title Studio Prefs:
-Navigate to Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Preferences
-Set aside the file called com.borisfx.Continuum13.BCC.avx.xml - e.g. move to the desktop
-Restart Media Composer and retest

If either of those approach succeeds, please zip and send us the corrupted file so we can analyze it for clues as to the source.


Hi Jason

you are indeed correct and you have solved the problem. I removed the recent boris workspaces, i expect it is the one dates 25th, how and where should i send the corrupt files please?

many thanks again, you’ve saved my bacon

Glad to hear that helped! Please email it to me:
jclement at borisfx dot com