Title Studio - Unable to see "video 1", video background in Plugin


This issue is related to using Title Studio in the After Effects Host.

I am attempting to create a title within the advanced section of the Title Studio Interface with AE as the host.

I have two layers; an overlying solid layer that I am applying the BCC Title Studio upon and an underlying video layer. While working within the BCC Title Studio plugin interface, advanced section, I have selected the option to “composite over background”. In the timeline section of the plugin, I have selected “Video 1” and dragged this layer to the bottom of all layers.

Regardless; I cannot see the background video layer from within the plugin interface… Maybe I am somehow missing the mark on Video 1 selection;; my clip is not called “video 1” so am not sure if this is actually referencing anything when I select it.

Thanks for helping me out -


Hi, can you post a screenshot,
‘composite over background’ If it’s on a solid layer than it prob is showing the background, which is the solid layer, I don’t think it sees layers below the one its applied to,
try duplicating your video layer & applying TS to that,

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@Gid.Joiner - I think I have it somewhat doing what I want it to do now sir, I appreciate your help always. Have a great week, Roman.

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:+1: Did you get it to see the vid layer below even though you applied TS to a solid above?