Title Studio - unidentifiable tool bar icon

There’s a tool that appears on the tool bar when a spline object is created. I don’t know what it’s function is, and I can’t find any reference to it in any of the documentation.
Does anyone know what it is and what it’s for.
Whats this icon


So am I. And waiting. Maybe nobody knows what it’s for.

This tool is called Mirror Mode and it enables the user to control the rotational pivot point for spline shapes.

When Mirror Mode is disabled, a multiple object selection will rotate all selected objects around a single collective center point, and when enabled, each object in a multiple object selection will rotate around its own individual center point. Does that help to explain the function of this tool? Please let me know if you would like more info on this feature.

Hi Peter. Thanks for your response. Yes that explains it perfectly. It’s just a pity that there’s no documentation available that explains it.
While I’ve got you. Can you explain the other two icons please? (see attached image)
The documentation states that the Hollow Arrow tool allows splines to be manipulated. I’ve found that it doesn’t perform any differently to the solid arrow tool, so I’m puzzled why it’s available.
The other tool is shaped like a rotating arrow. It displays a mouse pointer as a small arrow with a reverse circle arrow. I’ve tried all sorts of things to try and figure out what this does, but so far I’ve failed.
I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
And these two

EDIT - Ok. I’ve figured out what the circle arrow is. It only comes into play when multiple splines are selected. Clicking on a corner handle of one of the selected splines and dragging will rotate the group. The rotation pivot point depends upon the state of the mirror mode tool.
Now, all I need to know about is the hollow arrow tool, and if it has any beneficial use over the solid arrow tool.

Hi Jack,

Glad that helped.

The Solid Arrow tool works with all shapes and media types, not just splines while the Hollow Arrow tool is used only with splines.

The rotating arrow tool is used to rotate a selected spline shape via direct interaction in the Comp window. Drag on a selected shape to rotate it.


Thanks Peter. Yes, I’ve discovered the usage of the circle arrow. I hadn’t before, because interaction with the spline handles is very hit and miss. After you’ve missed for a few times, you get to thinking ‘OK, that’s not the way’. With the knowledge of the usage, persistence is the key.
Thanks again for your help.

Hi Peter. I’ve found an issue regarding the Spline Rotate tool (which is why I’ve had so much trouble with it).
If you select the spline in the Timeline Controls section, the tool never fails to function.
If you try to select the spline in the Composite Window, even though you get the sizing handles, and the spline is highlighted in the Timeline Controls section, it’s impossible to get the tool to function.
I have opened a ticket for this and have made a video showing the problem, which I’ll attache to this post. It’s not possible to attach anything when I create the ticket.

Hi, You’re not alone, I find it almost impossible to use, it’s very tricky to move/edit these splines on my PC, if you zoom in (mouse wheel to zoom & space bar to move the screen) the black sq is where the cursor needs to be & the outline of the spline goes yellow, but it takes me several goes to find the right spot that makes the point go red so it can be moved if i’m not zoomed in, to rotate as in your vid i have the same problem but if you zoom in there’s no little black sq, i’ve experimented with holding the shift key & clicking on the point to ‘secure’ it to the pointer, sometimes works but often not.
To be honest i keep coming back to TS, trying it, but after many attempts to grab a point & failing i give up,
This is why in my other comment @PeterMcAuley i ask if it’s poss to stroke a path using Mocha, not TS.

Hi. I got extremely frustrated with the rotate tool, even got to the point where I thought it was broken. However, I’ve found that, if I select the spline in the Timeline Controls section, then go to the corner handle of the spline, the tool works every time.

I also sometimes can’t get the eight points of a spline to work properly. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s my fault or the software.

:man_shrugging: I’ve tried clicking on different layers, when you miss the control point it jumps to the main spline layer​:woozy_face: I’ll have a go at clicking on the spline in the Timeline Controls section, not really sure tho what you mean by that,

This one.
Spline in Timeline controls window

Yep, thanks tried that one, if you miss the control point it jumps to the one above :woozy_face::joy:

Thanks for reporting these issues guys - I’ll write up a general usage ticket against Title Studio and ask engineering to take a look into making it more responsive.


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Peter, If it helps, I’ve found that if you select the spline object entry in the Timeline controls section, (instead of selecting it in the Composite window) it always works. This is also true when using the scissors tool, which I also had a lot of trouble with.
This tip is going into my tutorial.

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Can I watch your tutorials? Which host are you using? Thanks!

Hi. I’m on YouTube and my channel name is Veteran Video Editor.

Thanks a lot! Also find there are NBTitler tutorials in your channel, That’s great.

as always, looking forward to that Jack.