Title Studio works in Resolve Edit page, but not Fusion

I’m trying to learn Title Studio right now and running into an issue in Davinci Resolve.
On the Edit page, it works fine. I just drag the effect onto a video track and it shows up.
However, if I want to use it on the Fusion page, it doesn’t work (I’m on Resolve Studio 18.6 Beta on Windows).
I grab the Title Studio node and connect it to the Media Out node and nothing shows up, even if I select a Title Studio preset from the dropdown in the Inspector.
Here’s something I’ve tried:
I have a video file as my Media In, which I connect to the Media Out node, and it looks fine.
I disconnect it from Media Out and connect it to the Background input in the Title Studio node, then connect the output from Title Studio to the Media Out node. Nothing shows up, not even the video.
I’ve also tried removing the video file from the Background input and connecting the output from the Title Studio node (so it’s ONLY the Title Studio) to the Media Out node. Still nothing.
I’ve even tried selecting the Title Studio node and hitting 1 on my keyboard to display it in my left window. Still nothing. It doesn’t matter if I go into the inspector and select a preset or not. Compositing Mode (Normal/Screen/Overlay/etc) doesn’t change anything either. NOTHING shows up.
If all I wanted to do was create some lower thirds, it would be fine if it only worked in the Edit page, but I’d like to do some more advanced compositing, so I need it to work in Fusion.
Is there something I’m missing?

Hi Bruce,

The issue at hand is the Continuum does not currently extend support to the Fusion Tab in Resolve, nor does Continuum support the standalone Fusion app itself.

Title Studio should operate as expected in the Resolve Edit Tab (as you have discovered) and also in the Resolve Composite Tab.

Note that all of the filters that are included in the BCC 3D Objects category, including Title Studio, are available in Resolve on Windows OS only - BCC 3D Objects filters are currently not supported in Resolve on Mac OS but we’re hoping that BlackMagic can help “resolve” that with a future release.


Thanks for the info (which is disappointing). I just tried creating something on the Edit page, made it a Compound Clip and imported that into Fusion. Is that basically my only option?
Any chance on this being addressed in the future (note: I’m on Windows, not Mac)?

All I can say that is it’s not currently on the roadmap for this year but that it may happen in 2023 - if more users of Resolve request that we extend Continuum support to the Fusion tab then this would certainly help to elevate it’s priority. It’s on our development wish list, along with many other projects.

Understood (and thanks for not passing the buck to BMD). Count me as a vote to get this done!

Thanks Bruce - I’ll add this thread to the feature request as a reference.

The effects in BCC will work, as you have discovered, in the Edit page. The “generators” in BCC, like Title Studio, work in the Colour page.
Here is a tutorial describing how to do this: BCC Title Studio in DaVinci Resolve - YouTube
The only problem that I find is that complex titles can take a while to render. But this is mainly due to the fact that my PC is getting old and slow - just like me.