Title Studio's Scissor Tool

Does anyone know how to use the scissors tool in Title Studio, because I’m stumped.
According to the Title Studio documentation, and I quote:-

’The Scissors Tool cuts splines in two. To use the Scissors tool, click one of the spline’s control points in the Composite window. The spline is cut at the control point, and two new control points are created, one on each cut end of the spline.'

With the scissors tool selected, I click on a control point and the only thing that happens, is the control points disappear. No extra control point is created. See the attached video. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, it’s a bit tricky to move/edit these splines on my PC, if you zoom in (mouse wheel to zoom & space bar to move the screen) the black sq is where the cursor needs to be & the outline of the spline goes yellow, but it takes me several goes to find the right spot that makes the point go red so it can be moved if i’m not zoomed in,
you need to be on the Spline Object track so you can see the corner points,
using the scissor tool click on one & it goes white, then using the pen tool you can move it & there’ll be another underneath.

& to close it, this is a reply i got from Peter a little while back
PeterMcAuley Senior Product Manager

Well the good news is that there’s a way to close an open shape in Title Studio. The bad news is that it’s a little clunky. Here’s how to do it :

(1) create an open spline shape and deselect it
(2) select the spline track in the timeline and select the pen tool from the toolbar - the spline should be active
(3) select the last point on the spline - the spline should be yellow and the selected point should be red
(4) option / alt + click near the last point to create a new spline point (adding to the shape)
(5) drag the newly added point on top of the first point in the shape and they will join and the shape will become closed
(6) to split a closed spline shape, with an active shape selected, select the scissor tool and then click on any point to open the shape - then select the pen tool and you can drag the points apart

So, while it’s a little clunky and non-intuitive, the tools are there. Ideally there would be an option to right click to close the spline shape or something more intuitive than dragging the last point over the first point. I’ll add a feature request to clean this up and make it easier to use.


Thanks for responding. I read you explanation but still couldn’t get it to work. It wasn’t until I viewed your video that I understood how to do it. Though I very much doubt I’ll be using the scissors tool often. It’s far too temperamental.
Thanks again.

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Yep, i don’t use it either, Boris stuff is really good but this for some reason this isn’t good for me, :man_shrugging:
The same goes for this selection edit, most of the time clicking on the squares does nothing, it doesn’t move or makes them go away when i click like you say, when i do manage to grab one of the squares it just moves the whole shape, & if you zoom in there’s no black sq next to it :upside_down_face::man_shrugging: