Title tool - all graphics turning to blocks in various shades of green

Hi all,
Very weird one this - suddenly I’m finding that all my pre-existing graphics made up in Title Tool are turning to a load of green blocks in different green shades. If I reboot the computer, I get about 15minutes before it happens again. Attaching example picture.
Any help at all?

Hi Simon,

Well this is a strange one! Can you publish your system specs please? I’m most curious about he graphics card on your system. Please also include the host name and version and the version of Continuum that you’re using.


Yes all a bit strange. Specs are Intel i7-8086K, 32Gb RAM, Win10, Nvidia Quadro M2000 4Gb running driver 411.95, Avid MC 2018.12.7, Continuum 2019
Thanks for any ideas.

Hey Simon,

Thanks for sending this along - your system is definitely within spec and you should not be getting this error. I think the best way forward is to pass this onto support to see if they have any similar reports and possible solutions. One thing they’ll probably ask you to do is to make an adjustment to the the Nvidia control panel to prevent the system from running out of vram, which is what I’m guessing is at the root of the problem.


Hi Peter - thanks, have done so. Appreciate it.