Title Tool odd behavior in both Avid plug-in and stand alone

I’m creating a credit roll. It’s rather long so I split it up into 2 separate text containers. I animate the two and save and go back to avid, render and all is good. On playback I notice some corrections that need to be made. Launch title tool again and when I change the text all key frames disappear. The text is set to apply automatically. I’m on 11.03. Avid 2018.7. Same thing happens if I save the title to a file and try to edit it in the stand alone title tool. Also the response time in editing large text files is extremely slow

Unfortunately this is a known issue. If you change keyframes on a text roll and then change text you need to apply keyframe changes again. Every time you change text, the program will wipe out all keyframes and rebuild them from scratch. Suggestion: Place text in Title container and never touch keyframes inside Title Container. Instead, change keyframes in the Scene Container (to achieve the same effect).

Any idea when this might be fixed. Also what about the spinning beachball I get on every text change?

Can you send me your credit roll project, I’d like to take a look.

I got it straightened out by building different containers though I still have a save of the original that had the disappearing key frames. Where do I send it to. Also while I haven’t tried it yet I have a suspicion that turning off auto apply might prevent the spinning beach ball on every text edit. The problem with that is I’m working with text copied from a word document and I’m trying to touch it up so I need to see the results.