Titles etc/ Sony Vegas Pro 20

I spoke to someone and they were great but could not help. I will list my questions below. I just bought all this software TODAY !!! PLEASE be specific!!

  1. Is there a way to sharpen let’s say particles making them more crisp? Or do they sharpen upon Rendering?
  2. My BIGGEST issue I need to know how to put text on a clip. PS Using Sony Vegas Pro 20.
    I want to make Text or intros with words fade as Particles and disappear etc.?
  3. I am only using this as a Super amateur not for business but spent a ton of $$ on this today and I have to make titles etc. or everything is useless to me. I want to use this for our videos for our model airplanes.
  4. I have watched a few videos on You-Tube but they were not helpful at all. A step-by-step process would help

I’m sure it will be easier to call and that’s not a problem if that’s better??

Bob Engle
Unites States


Particles do not sharpen upon rendering – what you see in PI is what you get in the render.

Since Particle Illusion uses images for all of the particles, if you’ve chosen an emitter that uses low-res images, those particles do not enlarge very well – they’ll look soft/blurry. For many effects this is not an issue (smoke, fog, etc.) but sometimes it can be.

You don’t make Text with Particle Illusion, so not sure what you mean by “put text on a clip”.

If you can be more specific about what you’re trying to do with particles, or can point to an example of something you’re trying to replicate, that would help somebody answer.

Thanks Alan.
I have the text part fixed and having just one issue now, I think?
I haven’t heard back again from Peter McAuley but he sent me this clip that is exactly what I want to do but in the start of the video when he drags down to the timeline if I do that it does not appear on the timeline it just opens up the Partial Illusion window and wont appear on the timeline?
Maybe you can watch the start of the clip and tell me what I am doing wrong??
I will put my email and if you email me, I can send my phone number if that’s simpler.
If I can do what’s in that video, I would be thrilled, and you would be my HERO.

Bob Engle
h2oheliman@hotmail.com the o after the h is o like Oscar not Zero!!

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