To respect the Premiere cuts in the dope sheet

Mocha does respect the Premiere cuts on the timeline but doesn’t when it comes to the dopesheet. I have to deal with the length of the whole clip to find my keys. On top the that there’s no focus zoom in the dopesheet which makes the whole thing even more painful. I’ve already made a topic about a zoom focus so I expect it to be in the next major. This clip issue in the dope sheet should be fixed as well.

Silhouette doesn’t do it even on the timeline. Oh my come on!

If you nest the clips does it fix the issue for you?

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Oh yes! and it works on Silhouette too
Is there a reason why it can’t work without nesting? It’s particular weird in Mocha. The timeline respects it but the dopesheet doesn’t
What about After Affects? I have to precomp too or what’s it like?

Everything works better with pre-comping and nesting in AE and Premiere, we are working on a solution but right now it has to do with how the timeline is being read. Nesting and pre-comping just isolates clips in an edit to be more like “shots” instead of like long clips.

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