Toggle clipping for undistorted output

Title: Toggle clipping for undistorted output
Version: Mocha Pro OFX plugin 2021 8.0.1
Platform: Windows 10, Fusion Studio 17.0 beta build 27

I’d like to use mocha pro to undistort a footage first then use Silhouette paint to paint something out of a heavily distorted footage. I thought it’s easier to do paint job on undistorted footage. I don’t know how to deal with distortion using mocha tracking in Silhouette Paint.

Actual Result:
Mocha pro did undistort the footage but it kept the DoD the same as project setting. I noticed there’s a toggle “Using output RoD for output size” at Settings tab, but it had not difference in result after toggling on/off.

Expected result:
I know using mocha pro to export STMap is one of the solution. But it might be great if we can have a toggle to switch whether clipping applied or not.

Hi Kent,

When you say undistorted, do you mean lens distortion or warp?

Hi Martin,

I mean lens distortion. I used lens module in mocha pro node, set to render undistorted footage then connected to Silhouette Paint node afterward.


Thanks. Yes, at the moment, direct lens disortion is a lossy process. The STMap is the way to go for the time being.

I’ll put in a request to “over render” the lens undistortion for a future update.

Cool. Looking forward to it.

Happy new year :slight_smile: