Toggle outline ON/OFF

Greetings, is there a way to toggle the shape outlines ON/OFF? Thanks.

Ah I found it, it’s just the zero key ‘0’.

You can also change the keybind to which ever key you like as I personally find the default ‘0’ key is not the easiest to press with your keyboard hand especially if you constantly flick between frames and alpha overlay view

fx.viewer.setControlBind('overlay', 'q')

is what I use in the script editor to toggle outlines on/off which matches Nuke actually. I do it via the script editor rather than editing the file though so if doing paint work I do not have the shortcut enabled. I’m sure you can script that though aswell.

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Hi Josh, thanks for the info. I’m not familiar with doing any script mods for Silhouette. Where would I add this script in order to change the outline toggle button? Thanks again!

Go to C:\Program Files\SilhouetteFX\Silhouette[version]\resources\scripts.

Go to /SilhouetteFX/silhouette[version]/resources/scripts.


  • Go to /Applications/Silhouette[version], right-click on Silhouette and select Show Package Contents. A new Browser window opens.
  • In the new Browser window, go to Contents/Resources/scripts.

Inside the scripts folder, you will find a file. As a precaution, it would be a good idea to make a backup of this file.

Thanks Marco, I’ll try this out.